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actheader graduation1ACT gradreqs

ACT’s graduation rates, year to year, range from 92% to 100%. Because students choose to attend ACT, they have a vested interest in attending class. Student attendance rates are exceptional. All students who graduate ACT must complete the following requirements:


40 Credits

English: no fewer than 4 credits

Mathematics: no fewer than 4 credits

Science: no fewer than 3 credits

Social Studies: no fewer than 3 credits

Physical Education: no fewer than 2 credits

Health: .5 credits

Foreign Language: no fewer than 2 credits

Community Service: .5 credits

Fine and Performing Arts: no fewer than 20 credits

Senior Capstone Project: 1 credit


Capstone Project

The Senior Capstone Project gives students an opportunity investigate a specialized area of interest as they apply and demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have acquired in arts and academics. Seniors will have the assistance of a faculty advisor to guide them through the process entailed in this project, and an adult mentor, who has specific knowledge of the area the student has chosen to explore. The Senior Capstone Project Committee will conduct a final evaluation of each student’s Project.


Academic Performance Expectations

Students must also achieve a rating of  “Proficient” on at least one formal, summative assessment in each Academic Performance Expectation:

  • Effective Writing
  • Active Reading
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem-Solving
  • Independent Project Development (Senior Capstone Experience)


For a comprehensive look at ACT’s curriculum, graduation requirements, art majors, and more please see our Program of Studies


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