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ACT offers students who are of varied interests, backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles to be supported in a safe, welcoming environment, where they can express themselves through their art, which is reflected in our ACT philosophy: Respect yourself, respect the work and respect the community. This small, tightly knit community provides students with a place to flourish and reach their true potential.


Students at ACT are able to experience what it’s like to be a part of professional quality productions several times per year. Students rally around our performances by helping backstage, ushering and participating as audience members when they are not directly involved in the productions. 


Students can participate in school clubs, volunteer in the local community, and take part in advisory and enrichment groups once a month, allowing them to interact with their peers in meaningful ways. Several school-wide student events take place throughout the year, including field trips, semi-formal dances, prom, and a lock-in fundraiser, where students get “locked” in the building with different games and activities (movie, scavenger hunt, karaoke, crafts, pie the teacher) for an evening to raise money for prom.


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