Always Looking Out For the Better of Others


Rachael Vroman, a senior at ACT is an Acting major who has been an integral part of her major since she enrolled with us freshman year. She has been involved in the semi-annual Show performances since sophomore year and has been a hardworking student since she arrived at ACT. Rachael has grown into being a successful and influential leader throughout her time here, especially through her role as Student Council President last year.


Bethany Gallant, one of ACT’s History Teacher states, “Rachael is an incredibly hardworking and kind student. She is a leader and model student in Psychology class and has been in my Civics class and the American Experience class. She is always positive, engaged and thinking deeply. She often helps students who are struggling or assists students to stay on task. Rachael always goes above and beyond.”


This year Rachael testified at the Legislative Office building in front of an appropriation committee for magnet school funding. Rachael was the only student to represent ACT along with an ACT staff member and parent. She believes in her responsibility as a citizen and is well on her way to becoming an activist for social injustices.


In addition, Rachael spent an inordinate amount of volunteer hours over the last three years at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) bringing awareness to safety and conserving energy. Through her senior project, Rachael wants to bring awareness to wrongful convictions and bring about change.


Rachael has grown into a more confident person through her involvement in various community activities. She now feels assured to express her opinions and always has evidence to back up her claims. In the fall, Rachael plans to attend the University of Connecticut to double major in Journalism and Sociology with the hopes of one day being a reporter or prison abolitionist to work on wrongful conviction. 


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