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ACT’s academic courses thoroughly integrate concepts from the performing arts, based on the Connecticut State Department of Education’s Curriculum Frameworks and Connecticut Core Standards in English and math. Small class sizes and differentiated instruction allow students’ individual learning needs to be addressed, while hands-on learning experiences and performance-based assessments measure student growth in arts and academic subjects. Through the integration of artistic and academic learning, students prepare for success in the 21st century, as they develop their skills as critical thinkers, collaborators, creators and effective communicators. Please click here to view ACT's 2016-2017 Program of Studies.


ACT’s academic subject areas include core requirements and electives in Math, Science, Social Studies, English, World Language, and Physical Education. Students get to choose other electives such as Historical Documentary, Revolutionary Sounds: The History of Popular Music, Culture of Film, and Newspaper. In their senior year, students complete a Senior Capstone Project. The purpose of this project is to engage each student in a personalized learning experience and demonstration that represents the culmination of their learning in the arts-based major of their choice.


ACT students choose a major based upon their individual interests and talents. These majors give students a chance to focus on an area of interest with purpose and intent. Students can choose from Acting/Performance, Audio/Video Production, Creative Writing, Dance, and Theater Production. Each major has its own required program courses in addition to the required courses for graduation. Students must also take Basic Speech and Media Literacy courses. 


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